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Whether you have been expecting your decoration style accurately reflect your personal tastes, or you’re exploring some way to increase its resale value. Then you can create a more comfortable living space by a variety of decoration projects by epoxy tile grout. With the development of people’s requirement on high qualified life, millions of people around the world increasingly trust KASTAR and KATER epoxy tile grout products since 2002. It’s your turn on experience KASTAR®: quality, performance, and durability.


Traditional Tile Grout needs to be mixed before using by the professional worker, there will be some problems with the mixing ratio without skill. Moreover, it will become dirty and yellow once it meets with water, therefore it needs to renovate several months later, cost money and time-consuming, and most important, the mold grout bacteria breeding is bad for health.

KASTAR Ceramic Tile Sealer is a double-component epoxy tile grout for ceramic tile gap filling, mainly use epoxy resin, curing agent and high-grade pigment as raw material, adopt advanced technology. KASTAR epoxy tile grout is better than traditional tile grout in application way and effect, it is smooth as ceramic after cured, good hardness, wear-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

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Blacken? Yellowing? VOC? Mold? Single Color Effect? we probably suffered from these problems after using cement grout. KASTAR tile grout sealer with 26 colors prepped and treated tile gaps can be a formidable barrier against moisture, weather, chemicals, stains, mildew and more. Your health and happiness matter. Trust KASTAR® .

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