5 Steps To Ensure The Quality Of Grout

Now decorate the house is really a chore, the decoration materials are complex, all made us confused. In particular, the previous floor tiles may simply fill gaps with white cement, but grouting by ceramic tile sealer is a popular decoration operation in recent years. Nice appearance and no blackening phenomenon appeared even after a long period.

But how to ensure quality as the price of ceramic tile sealer is different on the market?

Now to teach you 5 tricks, so that you will not be easily deceived!


Look at the smell odor is a good way to identify the quality of ceramic tile sealer. Because the ceramic tile sealer itself is a chemical reagent, so it must be doped with the taste of some chemical reagents. If that pungent smell is strong after grouting, which shows that the quality is poor. The good ceramic tile sealer is odorless even no odor. So we can smell it to test the quality.

tile grout


As the ceramic tile sealer itself is colloidal, there will be a certain adhesion. Good ones in the degree of viscosity will be relatively high, more sticky so that the service life will be longer, and we don’t need to worry about moldy problems even after a long time. On the contrary, the thinner one is inferior, because there is no viscosity at all, it will soon fall off.

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Squeeze a little ceramic tile sealer outside, wait until it dries naturally, then looking at its solidification, good hardness with better quality, on the contrary, feel it kind of soft, it will not work well in terms of mold prevention.

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It will look glitter shiny in the long run If the gloss of the ceramic tile sealer is better, but that poor quality ones will not look very bright, and a long time may directly begin to start to fade slowly, this did not play a role in beautification at all.

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After grouting the ceramic tile sealer into the gaps, the solvent will slowly shrink to the inside itself and then solidify in the gap. In this case, if the shrinkage is too large, then the quality is not good, if relatively small, the quality is very considerable.

tile grout

We spend a lot of money to decorate the house and hope for a more comfortable living, so remember to pay attention to small places, do not be pitted in the unknown!

If you want to know more about the tips on how to grout, please visit our YouTube.


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