Widely Home Application

KASTAR Tile Grout Sealer (ceramic tile sealer) widely used for house interior decorations.

  1. Wall and floor tiles, skirt line tiles, bathroom, kitchen, living room, balcony.
  2. Sink edge, basin edge, closestool edge, bathtub edge, gas stove edge and so on.
  3. Satisfy all needs of home gaps and edge sealing and filling.
tile grout sealer
tile grout sealer application

Wall Tiles Gap Filling And Sealing


Kitchen Gaps Filling And Bonding

tile grout sealer for balcony

Balcony Tile Gaps Filling

tile grout sealer for floor

Floor Tile Gaps Filling And Sealing

tile grout sealer for baseboard

Base Board Tile Gap Filling And Sealing

tile grout sealer for closestool

Toilet Gap Filling And Sealing

Widely Used For Other Projects

KASTAR tile grout sealer also widely used for other projects.

  1. Subway, airport lounge, train station.
  2. Shopping mall, supermarket, classroom, office.
  3. Hospital, laboratory and so on.

Why choose KASTAR Ceramic Tile Sealer

Compared KASTAR ceramic tile sealer and white cement grout

tile grout sealer

Double component tube use directly, everyone can handle it

caulking agent

Need to be mixed by professional worker, complicated

tile grout sealer

Long-lasting effect after 6 months later

caulking agent

Get mold and blacken after 6 months later

tile grout sealer

Can replace the silicone sealant using around the toilet

caulking agent

No adhesion, only can be used for gap filling

tile grout sealer

High grade eco-friendly epoxy resin & curing agent

caulking agent

cheap unhealthy cement raw material

KASTAR Epoxy Tile Grout Operation Ways

Easy Operation For All Person with Non-tech, Even Female

More User Operation Guide and Product Testing Videos, please watch videos from our YouTube Channel.

  • KASTAR ceramic tile sealer

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