What Is The Best Time to Grout Tile?

Grout tile plays a great role in interior decoration. It can beautify the tile gaps very well, meanwhile, it makes up the shortcomings of the tiles.

So today, I will talk about an issue of epoxy grout construction with less attention, what is the best time to grout tile after tiling

What is the best time to grout tile?

1. 2 Weeks Later After Laying The Tiles

Tiles are a little wet when they’re just paved. if the grout is operated immediately, the adhesion between the tiles will be reduced, and the ceramic epoxy grout is easier to be taken off.

So it’s better to grout 1-2 weeks later after the tile-laying construction. When the tile gaps have been dried, the ceramic tile grout can be firmly bonded with the tiles together.

Extend the time according to the situation such as rainy days, to avoid affecting the gloss of the ceramic tile grout.

2. Before The Installation of The Ceiling and Cabinets

The tile ceramic tile grout is mainly for the kitchen, toilet, balcony, living room, etc. Considering that these places need to install the ceiling, wall cabinets, and shelves. There will be difficulty If the grout operation will be done after the ceiling and cabinets installation. It affects the aesthetics of the gaps. So it is recommended to operate the epoxy grout first,  then installing the ceiling or cabinets.

At last sealing and beautify the gaps and edges after the toilet and bathtub are installed.

3. After the Painting or Wallpaper Paste

Most people only use ceramic tiles in the bedroom, living room, TV background wall, and use wallpaper or paint decoration for other walls.

There will have dust fell to the floor when using paint, we will choose to paste wallpaper or paint on the wall first in order to reduce the difficulty of cleaning,  and then do tile gap filling.

4. Before the Furniture Appliances Move-In

When moving furniture will be pressed on the tiles, so the tile gaps filling should be done before furniture and appliances moved in, in order to avoid moving furniture position.


After the introductions of what we should do before the grout operation, the most important is how to choose a high-quality epoxy tile grout for your decoration.
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