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Sustainable value means everything!

We want to create value – for our customers and our consumers, for our teams and our people, for our shareholders as well as for the wider society and communities in which we operate.


Leading with our innovations, brands and technologies

We are the leader with our adhesives business, offering an unparalleled breadth of technologies serving all global markets .

In our consumer businesses, we also hold leading positions in many markets and categories around the world.

For us, “leading” exceeds the definition of being the number one in terms of market share or size. While strong positions in attractive markets are important, it takes more to be “leading with innovations, brands and technologies.”


Serving our customers and consumers worldwide as the most trusted partner with leading positions in all relevant markets and categories – as a passionate team united by shared values.


Our values guide all our actions, decisions and behaviors. Every day, we need to take decisions in a highly volatile environment. At the same time, we are highly diverse. We come from diverse cultural backgrounds, have different experiences and we operate in a broad range of markets.That’s why clear values which are shared, understood and lived by everyone at KASTAR are so important for our future success.

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