Essential tips to keep you away from the troubles of yellowing the tile

First, the principle of ceramic tile sealer yellowing

For the light-colored ceramic tile, the yellowing of the ceramic tile sealer is a phenomenon of yellowing on the surface. However, if it is a dark color ceramic tile sealer, the surface of the beautiful seam may not be yellow, the surface may be white or transparent. The reason why these ceramic tile sealer products change colors is mainly affected by the epoxy resin. The main material of ceramic tile sealer. As a resin-based chemical substance, the epoxy resin is colorless and transparent in a purified state. Although the epoxy resin will be naturally yellow, the normal yellowing cycle is several decades or even longer. But if it is in a moist situation or at a high temperature for a long time, it will create chemical reactions.


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Second, how to solve the yellow crack of ceramic tile

1. Use quality qualified ceramic tile sealer products

The length of the yellowing of the ceramic tile sealer patch depends on the equality of the raw materials of the ceramic tile sealer. When choosing a ceramic tile sealer product, We should try to choose a product with good qualifications and a good brand reputation. Judging from the appearance of the ceramic tile sealer, the qualified tile sealer products have the characteristics of small full-color difference, high transparency of epoxy resin, and only a little glue smell when opened.


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2. Construction in a stable indoor environment

The ceramic tile sealer product will be fragile before curing, so it is necessary for the beauty seamer to take care. In rainy and humid weather, the doors and windows should be closed throughout the construction of the seams to ensure the stability of the construction environment. Before the formal construction, it should be confirmed the gap has been dried. If there is any unqualified gap, the area should be vacated, and the construction should be carried out after the gap is dry.


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3. Suggesting beauty maintenance advice to the owner

After the construction of the tile beauty grout, the beautiful seamer should give some notices about the basic knowledge of the tile sealer maintenance to the owner. For example, When moving into large-scale furniture owners should wait three days after finished sewing tile sealer. when cleaning the seams, you should not use strong acid and alkali cleaners, steel balls, etc. to scrub the seams.




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