Fixing ceramic tiles, with traditional tile grout or ceramic tile sealant?

We have to choose between the traditional tile grout or the ceramic tile sealant when we decorate the house. But do you know the differences between those two? And where they can be applied to?


The concept of traditional tile grout and ceramic tile sealant


  1. What is the traditional tile grout?

In early housing decoration, ceramic tile gaps were generally filled with traditional grout such as lime mud and mortar. They are cheap and easy to get. However, the shortcomings are also obvious.


  1. What is the ceramic tile sealant?

The most popular ceramic tile sealer on the market are two-component ceramic tile sealers. They are mainly made up of two components, epoxy resin, and hardeners. The surface will be as clean as the ceramic tiles. Because the ceramic tiles sealer is used between the tiles. The ceramic tile sealer will be smooth like ceramic tiles after solidification It will have high strength, easy to wear and clean, and integrated with the tile, etc features. As an upgraded version of the traditional grout, It has waterproof, stain-resistant, preventing mildew features. It also can be applied to ceramic tile, stone material, and vitrified brick.


  1. What’s the difference

The traditional tile grout is a dry powdery material made of white cement as the main material latex and a certain inorganic dye. The whiteness of white is about to 86%, and the surface strength is slightly higher than that of white cement. It’s easy to become dirty and turn black. And it has low strength, not waterproof. The grout will be black and moldy after a couple of years, and the decorative effect is not as good as the ceramic tile Seale.


  1. If the owner can accept the cost, we highly recommend choosing the ceramic tile sealant.

Compared with the traditional grout such as lime mud and mortar, the ceramic tile sealant has gloss perfect finish. Most importantly, it is eco-friendly and good for health. It has a strong decorative effect. The ceramic tile sealant has more color The color of the beautiful grout is more abundant, and it will last for a long time. It also has waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-seepage, anti-staining features.

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