Grout These Types Of Joint Make Different

Should we grout the edge around the toilet and sink?

The answer is YES!

1. Can I use tile grout around the toilet?

Grout construction can be done around the toilet.

The silicone sealant often used in the toilet, which is ugly and moldy. It making the environment very unhealthy. The tile grout will avoid this type of problem. Before the construction of the toilet, please use cement grout first. Of course, you must ensure that the cement grout is dry before using the tile grout and leaving a depth of 0.5-1mm. The construction requirements of the tile grout are no powder, no dampness, no oil stains. To meet the requirements, you can wait until the bottom joints are dry before applying the tile grout.

2. What to do if the joint of sink gets dark

Due to the material problems, the silicone sealant will become moldy and black.

Mold-resistant silicone sealant can be durable for several years, but it is expensive. Especially for bathroom sinks, applying glass glue to the edges can make the sink more stable. If it becomes dark, we can remove the silicone sealant to use the tile grout. After that, the effect will be renewed like before and it is hard as ceramic tiles. As the glossy appearance, it can be used in the toilet or elsewhere, very waterproof, and not prone to mold.

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