How Do You Pick Grout Color For Tile?

Color Match Between Tile and Grout

tile and grout colors

1.Similar color matching

For Example, light yellow tiles and champagne grout, red tiles and purple grout, orange tiles and pale gold grout.

Effects: Adjacent color system. There are both color differences between tiles and grout, and uniform tones can be formed!

tile and grout colors

2.Light and dark color matching

Such as light yellow tiles with dark yellow grout, light yellow tiles and white grout, black tiles and gray grout.

Effect: the two are in the same color system, they can achieve color coordination and unity in space! It is recommended to match them in a fresh, elegant, simple and tranquil living space.

tile and grout colors

3.Cold color and warm color matching

Such as yellow tiles and white grout, dark brown tiles and light gold grout, dark green tiles and pale gold grout and so on.

Effect: the difference between cold and warm tones, often can be matched with unexpected good effects;

tile and grout colors

4.Dark tiles and light grout color matching

Such as black an white, dark and light, dark green and light gray.

Effects: this is the most common and safe way to match the colors, light colors grout suit for almost all kind tiles, the light-colored grout fit most tiles, and space will be extraordinarily clean!

tile and grout colors

5.Contrast color matching

Such as red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, black and white.

Effects: Strong visual impact, very exaggerated, very dazzling! This combination is less used in daily tiles gap beauty because it is unacceptable for most customers and it is not suitable for most home style.

tile and grout colors

6.Black, white, gold, silver, gray match any other colors

These colors can be matched well any color tiles, long life lasting effects, never outdated, this is the reason why most owners select white and light grey grout for the tile gap filling.

tile and grout colors

tile grout color chart

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