How to Grout ( Part One )

How To Grout Tile Gaps Like This? Follow Me!

First, Preheat The Ceramic Tile Sealer

Due to the low temperature in winter, the ceramic tile sealer will become viscous, it cannot be squeezed easily, so it should be put into hot water and soak for 10-20 minutes before grouting.
This step is not necessary for spring, autumn and summer.

Second, Load The Caulking Gun

Install the nozzle to the ceramic tile sealer, and put it into the caulking gun. Squeeze about 40 cm to ensure that the ceramic tile sealer mixed evenly.

Third, Squeeze The Ceramic Tile Sealer

We need to put the nozzle as vertical as possible with the tile so that gaps can be filled fully, speed forward and master the strength and frequency so that the product flow out evenly.

Forth, Press Gaps Treatment Timely

Press the ceramic tile sealer after squeeze timely, if not, it will have problems of hard to press the grout as it will not be cured totally after a long time, also result in not achieving the perfect finish for tile joints.

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