How To Grout (Part Two)

  1. The Choice Of Application Tools

    Good tools have a good effect. The caulking gun with bad quality will lead to problems such as can not be cured fully, peeling off, and even pipe bursts. Therefore, choose a high-quality caulking gun is very important. In daily life, we need to pay attention to cleaning, maintenance, life estimates, and other matters.

  2. Straight Line Grout Methods

    Generally, the common grout way is a straight line grout method, you can first cross a straight line for a certain distance, and then vertical grout; We can also follow the first vertical and then horizontal construction principles in accordance with a certain order. Operation in a disordered way is not recommended. Try to work after being skilled in order to avoid grout uneven and unstable.

  3. Cross Gaps Grout Way

    Control the amount of ceramic tile sealer when grout the cross gaps, not only to ensure that the gap is full and uniform, but also to minimize the waste caused by cross gap construction. Cross gap pressure treatment is particularly important, along the center to the peripheral radiation pressure gaps, the uneven place should be pressed more than two times. The treatment of cross gap is the key point to test the skill of the workers, the interface processing must be naturally smooth.

  4. Storage Of  The Rest Grout

    Try to squeeze the ceramic tile sealer first before having rest. If you take a break of more than 20 minutes, the sealer in the nozzle will be cured which can not be used. At this time, you can store it directly with the nozzle, wait until the next construction, then replace a new nozzle.

  5. Do It If The Sealer Stained The Hand

    If the ceramic tile sealer accidentally stained the hand, wipe off with a tissue or cloth immediately, then clean the stain with soap or detergent. To avoid getting contaminated with your hands, the sealer workers should wear gloves when grouting.

  6. The Grouting Usage Amount

    Do not deliberately reduce the usage amount to save the product during construction. It is recommended that the squeezed amount of the ceramic tile sealer every time is 2mm higher than the tile surface, it is the regular operation.

  7. The Way Of Cutting The Nozzle

    The size and tilt of the nozzle will impact the grout amount of the sealer, so the cutting of the nozzle is very important. Generally, cut it with a knife along the top of it into a 45-degree angle, the width of the nozzle slightly less than the width of the tile, to ensure that the product flow edged evenly.

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