How To Grout Tile Gaps Since The Bathroom Is Wet All Year Round?

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The bathroom is very humid, and the tiles are often exposed to the water. Therefore, the gap between the tiles is very dirty and moldy, which affects the health of the family. Therefore, the bathroom needs eco-friendly grouting. It is necessary to thoroughly dry the bathroom floor and walls, preventing the steam seam from entering the ceramic tile sealer products, which will affect the gap filling and beautify construction effect.

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What should I do if the grout is wet before grouting?

The caulking agent is moist, and the water vapor evaporates, which will penetrate into the gap filler product, and change the molecular structure, especially the two-component ceramic tile sealer. The water vapor will invalidate the curing agent, thereby affecting the gap filling construction effect. Especially in the wet areas of the kitchen and the bathroom, it is necessary to keep the ceramic tile sealer and the gaps dry before grouting.

Beautify and filling gaps, is it good to use oily or water-based ceramic tile sealer?

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Choose oily or water-based grouts, depending on the owner’s tile category or construction area. Oil-based ceramic tile sealer can also replace the glass glue of the balcony, bathroom, and kitchen inside corner and outside angle, completely solve the problem of blackening of glass glue. The water-based porcelain adhesive is more eco-friendly, and the remaining material is more convenient to remove. For irregular tiles or uneven tiles, the construction is very convenient.

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