How to Match the Colors of Tiles and Tile Grout?

The reason why ceramic tile beautiful sealer is loved by everyone is that it can make the interior space more beautiful. However, the grout colors and variety of beautiful tile sealants are diversified. If you want to make the beauty sealer volatilize its effect and make the interior space warm and fashionable, you need to match the tile with the grout colors. Otherwise, the beauty sealer will become an “ugly sealer” and the effect will be counterproductive.


Hence, there are some tips for your option.

How to choose the most suitable grout color?


The choice of beautiful sealer color depends on the color of the space tile. If you choose the right color, the tiles will look better.

1.The most versatile: white grout colors

White tile grout

The beautiful white grout can hold all kinds of tiles of various types and colors, making the space cleaner and simpler. Even if it is not brilliant, it will not make mistakes. It is a very versatile color and the most widely used color.


White sealant highlights the texture of antique bricks





2. Dark and light grout and tile colors match each otherGrey tile grout

When the color of the ceramic tile is lighter, the color of the tile sealant can be darker; on the contrary, the color of the ceramic tile is darker, and the color of the ceramic tile sealer can be lighter or brighter. For example: white and black, white and gold, black and gold, dark green and light gray, etc.


Strong black covering, noble and generous, steady and deep



3. Similar grout colors matchingsimilar color

Choose a more similar color to the color of ceramic tile, which can reduce the sense of the existence of ceramic tile seams so that the whole space effect is more consistent. For example dark gray, light gray; dark yellow, light yellow, black, gray, etc.


Light yellow with golden stitching agent, very beautiful effect, low-key

The above three kinds of color matching methods are relatively common. At present, the color of the ceramic tile sealer is mostly white and gold. The color can be divided into three categories: light system, sub-light system, and metal system.

The bright light system includes pure white, light bright yellow, light bright gray, ivory white, moonlight silver, the black pearl, etc., which are mainly matched with vitrified brick and glazed brick.

Living room grout



The matte system includes matte black, matte white, matte grey, matte yellow, etc., specially equipped with antique brick and matte brick.





The metal system includes gold plating, noble grey, and other colors. Gold plating with white, black, gold, gray and other colors of tiles together to glitter groutreflect the quality of tiles.

There is a very famous ceramic tile sealer brand called Kastar, which has 26 colors available and make your life colorful.








Kastar ceramic tile sealer not only has the effect of beautifying space but also has other advantages.

grout colors

  1. Anti-mildew for 30 years
  2. No damage: Kastar has its own factory and specialized in ceramic tile sealer for over 20 years and imported the high-class raw material from the USA.
  3. Easy construction: only need one person
  4. Easy to clean



After reading so many beautiful ceramic tile sealer pictures, try to have a ceramic tile sealer for your home. And choose the best Kastar. In addition, you can be a Kastar agent in your country and area as your new zero risk business.

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