Known For High Quality In The Industry – KASTAR.

Known For High Quality In The Industry – KASTAR.

The KASTAR-017 ceramic tile sealer bottle has undergone 5 revisions before and after. At the beginning of the initial business in 2013, Kastar was just getting started. The orders were small, and the bottles were produced on the basis of silicone sealant cartridge. On one occasion, the Guangzhou customer called our salesman, said that some of the first batches of plastic bottles had some leaking glue, the bottle mouth was easy to burst crack, and the bottle body was easily deformed due to climate change. After receiving these feedbacks, our technical department immediately went to the inspection bottle,  found that some of the raw materials of the previous bottle supplier were recycled from secondary waste. This caused the above problem, and the cracking of the bottle mouth was caused by insufficient thickness. After the technical report sent the inspection report to the general manager Huang Renhua, he immediately decided to use new materials. After that, the cost was getting higher, but he insisted on the production of KASTAR‘s bottle without a scrap and changed the height of the bottle from the original 4mm to 5.5mm.

As the company continued to grow and the order business expanded, in 2014, some customers reported that some of the sealers in the bottle were not cleaned, and sometimes a little less weight in some cartridge. Huang Renhua paid much attention to it and immediately met with the R&D and design department and discuss solutions. After more than one month of hard work and three tests, Kastar added a bottle mark to the bottom of the bottle to accurately control the gel content of the bottle while allowing the glue to completely punch out the bottle. In this way, Kastar-017 was finally formed into a perfect bottle with environmentally friendly and practical use. It was produced in 2016 and opened up in 2016. It is still popular with customers.

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