Kater Business College-The First Lecturer Competition

On September 11th, 2017, a day worthy of being recorded in the previous history of Kater, the first lecturer competition speech of Kastar business college was held on this day. We have 9 people attend for this competition, through the live demonstration of their PPT, the six judges scored, and finally, the seven people obtained the qualification of the junior lecturer of the Kater Business college, bringing the training work of the business college to a new height.

The competition was scored in terms of attitude, skill, content, and preparation. The candidates began to carefully prepare their PPT two weeks ago. Each candidate brought different styles of speech to the elites on the scene. Now, let’s go check it out with us!

The first one is Sure, the subject she brought to everyone is “the etiquette quality of salespeople.” Although she took the lead, her steady gave everyone a good start.

The second person who came to the scene was Mary, who was known as the “Goddess of Sales”. She has been growing with the company since its inception. This time, she taught the “Customer Negotiation Mail Follow-up Skills”.


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