Kater’s First Shareholder Meeting Was Held In Jinggangshan

On December 27-30, 2017, in the famous Chinese revolutionary base-Jinggangshan, the first shareholder meeting of Kater was held. The meeting was hosted by Huang Renhua-CEO of Kater.  Jiang Xuefeng, Guo Ni, Chen Qiurong, Tu Yuqi, Li Chun, Duan Weiwei, Hu Hao (instead of Bai Yang), Song Xiongfeng, Liu Jia, Zhong Qi, Zhou Na, Yu Ying, and Nie Xiumei attended the meeting. Yu Ying and Liu Jiexia from the Human Resources Department attended the meeting too.

This meeting set the overall sales target for 2018 and completed the discussion and determination of the annual training program and business path through co-creation. In Jinggangshan, the famous revolutionary base, learning the perseverance and dedication of the revolutionary martyrs, which laid a solid foundation for Kater to win the 2018’s big victory.


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