How To Make The Dirty Tiles Bright And Clean?

Here are some tips for you!

Whether it is a kitchen and bathroom, floor and wall, tiles would be often used. But there will appear stubborn stains on the tiles after several years. It should be brushed with water for a half day every time to clean them. Now here are some tips for you to make a DIY ceramic tile cleaner today. Only 7 steps easy operation!

1, Add half a bottle of water to a plastic bottle,

2, Add half a bottle lid of washing powder or laundry detergent,

3, Add a bottle lid of flour (which can be used to remove oil),

4, Adding two lids of white vinegar for the strong cleaning and de-odorized ability,

5, Add three lids of alcohol to the bottle (must be alcohol, not liquor),

6, Tighten the lid and shake the liquid evenly,

7, Spray the cleanout fluid on the tiles.

Whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom tiles can be cleaned very well!

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What should we do if we want to clean the cracks in the tile?

As ceramic tile gaps is a blind spot, the best way is to use white vinegar and baking soda powder to clean. first of all, in the ceramic tile suture spray on white vinegar, and then wipe on the food baking soda powder, after that, you will see baking soda began to bubble until the foam disappears after a wipe with a rag, the dirt will be immediately disappeared.

What should we do how to choose grout for tile gap filling?

As we all know, the traditional cement grout is hard to clean as it will be get moldy and blacken easily, now here is a substitute which can replace the traditional grout, we named Ceramic Tile Sealer. More than 20 colors, waterproof, mildewproof, non-shrink, made by imported eco-friendly raw materials, smooth as porcelain. Please contact us to know more, it will be a good chance to start a new business for you!

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