Misunderstandings of tile joints decoration?

Many people have misunderstandings about tile joint decorations.

They don’t think it’s necessary to have the joints beautifying.

Isn’t that just filling cement grout into the tile joints?

So we have to do something serious:

Expose the truth of these “misunderstandings”.


Misunderstanding 1

Isn’t it necessary to decorate the tile joints?

Tiles and cement mortars have problems with thermal expansion and contraction, so it is necessary to leave joints according to the material and size of the tiles.

What if I don’t leave the joints? Tiles are easy to hollow and even crack. If you do not leave joints when installing ceramic tile in winter, it will become like this as pictures in summer.

tile crack

Why is it necessary to have the tile joints beautifying?

This should be said that the process of the beauty joints (the specific steps are below), it is necessary to shovel the original dirty, moldy, dusty cracks, clean up, and then fill the waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew proof, to prevent the same situation in the future happened again.

grout effect

Misunderstanding 2

Is the grout just white cement?

White cement is the most primitive caulk, the price is low, very white, but it is easy to mold, black, and looks very dirty in the later stage, so it is basically eliminated now.

The grouting agent is based on white cement and other materials are added. The waterproof and stain resistance performance has been improved, and the choice of color is also quite a lot.


Later, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, the gap between the tiles is not only stuck in the stage of “it is just tile joints, it is nothing important to be treated” but it is hoped that it can be visually beautiful. This is the birth of the epoxy tile grout, which is waterproof, decorative and practical.

Many people think that the epoxy tile grout looks like this picture shows.

gold grout

Lutetium gold is the most common color, but in fact, the epoxy tile grout has dozens of colors to choose from.


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Misunderstanding 3

Epoxy tile grout is just good-looking?

In addition to good-looking, epoxy tile grout actually, have these benefits.


Tile joints are just dirty, dust, mold accumulation will cause bacteria, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, the oil stain will be accumulated as it is not waterproof. Families with children should pay more attention to this situation, if children play with the hand scratch joints and put their fingers into the mouth, this is very easy to cause illness.

Therefore, filling the tile joints is also protecting the health, isolating the spread of bacteria, preventing the accumulation of dust in the joints.

decorate tile gaps


The joints filling by epoxy tile grout have the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-penetration. Wait until the grout is solidified, we will find the appearance is just like bright porcelain, and its strength is high, wear-resistant, and good self-cleaning, very convenient to take care of.


After reading this article,

Do you have a new understanding of epoxy tile grout?

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