Renewed Call For Environmental Protection

Following the first outbreak of the world’s worst pollution incident 88 years ago: a renewed call for environmental protection


The Mas Valley incident in Belgium

December 1-5, 1930 Belgium’s Mas Valley is located in a narrow basin, December 1-5, 1930, the temperature reversed. It causes harmful gases and soot dust from the factory to accumulate in the near-Earth atmosphere.

Three days after the damage, people begin to suffer from the disease. The symptoms include chest pain, cough, dyspnea and so on. More than 60 people died in a week, among which heart disease and lung disease have the highest mortality. At the same time, many livestock died.

The Mas Valley incident in Belgium is regarded as one of the ten most serious pollution events in the world and is a tragedy of the Industrial Revolution. But now the industrial revolution is gone, the information age is coming, people sit in front of the computer, use their mobile phones to brush “Tik Tok, Microblog, watch the news.” You don’t have to go out to know what’s going on out there. So:

“Is it safe to stay at home?”



“Because there is also air pollution in the room.”

According to reports: at the end of 2003, Ms. Huang lived in a decoration company in China shortly after the house was aborted, testing found that indoor formaldehyde content exceeded the standard, Ms. Huang will be the decoration company to court. The court held that defendant should bear the legal consequences of the impossibility of proof, and therefore compensated Ms. Huang for medical expenses, 3632.28yuan for 80% of the test fee, and 20,000yuan for spiritual damage.

Since then, events similar to those of Ms. Huang have been exposed by the media, forcing us to focus on a new health threat: formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is the primary factor of indoor air pollution, many unqualified furniture and decoration materials have formaldehyde over the standard, which brings serious harm to people’s life and physical and mental health!


 “Where did formaldehyde come from?”

 Adhesive hiding in furniture-an important source of formaldehyde! 

Light pollution sources: putty, waterproof paint, formaldehyde in carpet curtains as a water repellent. General pollution sources: decoration used in a variety of miscellaneous glue, these can be replaced with well-known glass glue.

Important pollution sources: wallpaper glue, wall paint. Use environmentally friendly latex paint instead of ordinary wall paint. Wallpaper glue can be used glutinous rice glue or rubber-free environmental protection materials.

Top pollution sources: furniture, wooden floors. In the home, the most difficult to deal with formaldehyde is the adhesive-containing composite plate. Not only contains the quantity of formaldehyde, because the furniture of home large and small is pollution source, and the formaldehyde in a composite board is difficult to disperse, divergence period can reach more than ten years! Many netizens said: “New home decoration inevitably use adhesive, then how to do?” Now solve this problem here, we can use adhesives for house decoration because not all adhesives contain formaldehyde, but we have to choose aldehyde-free, do not confuse concepts.

“how do we choose?”

When the house is renovated,adhesive is to choose the environment-friendly adhesive made of epoxy resin. For example, the environment-friendly star -new good fortune KASTAR Ceramic Tile Sealer. kaster Ceramic Tile Sealer Is prepared from environment-friendly epoxy resin, has no aldehyde, wide application range and is optional in color.

“Why we choose eco-friendly KASTAR Ceramic Tile Sealant?

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In 2017, the world ceramic tile output reached 13 billion 552 million m², which increased by 2.2% compared with 2016. And the consumption reached 13 billion 267 million m², which was 2.3% higher than that in 2016. Among them, 8.983 billion are in Asia, 1.585 billion in Europe, 1.729 billion in America, 920 million in Africa and 49.2 million in Australia.

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The industrial revolution has gone a long way, and indoor pollution cannot be mitigated. “Are you still not acting?”

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