Research and Development History of Kastar Ceramic Tile sealer

The founder of KASTAR, Mr. Huang, in the early stage of product development, considering the global adhesives exceeded in the formaldehyde content, not environmentally friendly, and it was very harmful to the human body. Based on this, our KASTAR ceramic tile sealer 1.0 was produced.

The first batch of KASTAR ceramic tile sealer, the shelf life is very short, only 9 months, but after using the tile gap, it is very beautiful. After sealing, the life can be guaranteed 5 years. When the salesman sold the product to the first batch of customers, it was so so. Consumers thought that this product really changed their lives and made their house more beautiful. However, at the same time, because the shelf life is too short, they are not willing to use it in bulk.

Based on this, our R&D team has invested a lot of energy and worked closely with Hunan University to improve our formula and use imported raw materials from the United States to improve our production process. Finally, we have developed a second generation. The third-generation beauty seaming product has changed the shelf life from 9 months to 24 months. At the same time, it guarantees that it will not be moldy for 30 years after use, so that consumers are 100% satisfied.

We put the improved products back into the market and quickly won the favor of distributors and consumers. The seam glue we produced was suddenly out of stock in the market, which also contributed to the prosperity of the entire ceramic tile sealer market.

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