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On April 15, 2017, we received an email from Mr. Robert who is from Australia. The customer said that after they received the goods tile sealer, 3 boxes were damaged and the bottles were scattered.

After receiving the email, our serviceman contacted the customer to take a photo. After inspection, it was found that it was caused by the seaborne less-than-truck because it was a cabinet, the goods were very mixed, and the cargo was damaged by the rough loading of the loading and unloading workers.

The customer’s problem is our problem. In order to offer better serve our customers, our factory decided to replace 3 boxes of KASTAR ceramic tile sealer for customers free of charge. At the same time, we changed the original 24 cartridges to 20 cartridges in a carton. In addition, we changed the original 3-layer carton to a 5-layer corrugated carton, and we added a layer of cardboard on top of the carton, equal to double-layer protection. In order to prevent the plastic bottle from leaking, we replaced the tape supplier and used imitation imported tape.

Since then, there has been no phenomenon of loose powder bottles.

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