These eight words must be remembered in the construction of ceramic tile sealer!

With the popularity of ceramic tile sealer, the work of ceramic tile sealer is more and more detailed, and the standard of professional ceramic tile sealer construction is also higher and higher. The following eight words are very important in the process of ceramic tile sealer construction.


Namely open, that is, open the gap. The ceramic tile sealer is based on the gap of the tile and the sanitary ware. In the first step, the gap cannot be created out of thin air, that is, the size of the original slit cannot be enlarged or reduced, but the original gap-filled debris should be cleaned out to make the gap “completely open”. The depth of the gap shall be more than 3 mm. The width of the gap shall be based on the maximum allowable size of the original paving gap and ensure that the tiles are not damaged.


After the gap is opened, the depth and width have been met, but the cleanliness of the gap is not up to standard. Therefore, in order to ensure the adhesion and long-term function of the ceramic tile sealer in the later stage, it must be cleaned. The objects to be cleaned are ash, oil, stains, and water. Dust cleaning should use a high-power vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface and gaps. Oil stains should be cleaned with a wet cloth to avoid clean water as much as possible. The water should be dried with a cloth or mop, and then placed until the gap is dry.


The filling is to fill in the ceramic tile sealer, using the words to fill especially emphasizing the filling amount and uniformity of the sealer. The general filling depth should be 3mm, so as to ensure the sufficient amount of the later bonding strength and service life are well guaranteed.


After the sealant is applied, the pressing operation should be carried out in time, generally within 10 minutes. Especially in summer, when the temperature is high and the adhesive solidifies quickly, the pressing operation should be carried out in time to ensure the glossiness and smoothness of the surface of the sealant.


After the sealer solidifies, we should remove the remaining materials on both sides of the gap in time. After cleaning the surplus materials, we can check whether there are any defects left during the pressing process, and ensure that there will be no problems such as polluting the tiles.


After cleaning the surplus materials, each gap shall be inspected once to ensure that the glue of each gap has been cured and there is no place that does not meet the construction acceptance standard. For incomplete curing, defects in corner gluing and rough problems in some places, the next construction measures should be taken as soon as possible.


In view of the detailed problems in the process of checking the cracks, we should timely repair the problems to ensure that each crack meets the standard. To prevent more problems, do a good job of repairing every detail to show excellent results.


After ensuring that every gap can meet the acceptable standard, the whole construction environment shall be cleaned to ensure cleanliness.

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