Epoxy tile joint filler & traditional grout, which one suits you?

Traditional grout and epoxy tile joint filler, which one should we choose.

Let’s make a simple comparison below, I hope that could help you!

1.White cement

White cement has a high-level whiteness and it is very bright. It is also divided into ordinary white cement and decorative white cement. For this reason, it only can be used for the gap between white ceramic tiles.
(1)low price.
(1)low strength
(2)severe pulverization
(3)easy discoloration.

2.Traditional Tile Grout

It is a dry powdery material made of white cement as the main material latex and a certain inorganic dye. The whiteness of white is about to 86%, and the surface strength is higher than that of white cement.
(1)strong adhesiveness.
(2)reduced shrinkage.
(3)resistance to pressure and abrasion.
(4)flexibility against cracking.
(5)easy operation.
(1)easy to become dirty and turn black.
(2)low strength.
(3)not waterproof.
The grouting agent will be black and moldy for a long time. What’s more, the decorative effect is not as good as the fine agent.

3.Epoxy Tile Joint Filler

The most popular epoxy tile joint filler on the market are 2-part grout. They are made up of epoxy resin, and hardeners. The surface will be as clean as the ceramic tiles. It will be smooth like ceramic tiles after solidification. Moreover, It has high strength, easy to wear and clean, and integrated with the tile etc features.
(1)high flexibility
(2)bright color
(7)easy operation
(10)smooth as porcelain
(1)Slightly expensive than traditional tile grout.

All in all, we should choose an eco-friendly grout to bring us health live space, epoxy tile joint filler would be the right choice.

kastar tile grout (2)

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choose-grout-which-one (2)
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