What are you saving when decorating a house?

With my own experience to tell you, when decoration epoxy tile grout money really cannot be saved!


I bought the house in 2017 and decorated it in 2018. After buying the house, we almost ran out of savings. We planned to renovate it for several years. Considering that children need to go to school, we had to renovate it in advance. When decorating, there is not much money on hand, so I only bought something I really needed, but then I regretted it.


We all decorate very simply. When laying ceramic tile, the decorator asked us whether we should make beautiful seams. I didn’t know what the beautiful seams were. The decorator told me that the beautiful seams were a new type of ceramic tile gap filler. After the beautiful seams were finished, not only the home would look more beautiful, but also it was very convenient to clean up later. The most important thing was to prevent black and mildew, and not to breed bacteria.


To tell you the truth, I was a very heartbeat at that time. The ceramic tile gap in the toilet at home is very easy to get black and mildew. It needs to be cleaned up every few days, especially tired. According to the decorator, it would cost 3500 to 4500 yuan to make beautiful sewing in the whole family. Considering the problem of funds, I refused it.


Soon after I moved in, I began to regret that decision. A few months later, the floor tile gap is getting darker and darker. In addition, the bathroom walls began to seep, tiles mildewed and black, every day to work has been tired, after going home to clean these gaps, sometimes can not help but get angry. My husband and I often quarrel about it.


After that, I finally couldn’t stand it. I asked the person who was in charge of the decoration before if I could make new sewing. The decorator told me that if we can do it now, it will be more troublesome than before. But I think I can at least solve this problem.


To make a seam, we must choose the brand of sealant. In the market, the brand of sealant is very messy, the price is high or low, and the quality is uneven. It is necessary to choose a brand that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and of good quality. After several comparisons, I chose Kastar sealant on the recommendation of my friends. I placed the order directly on the official website. You can pay attention to it if you need it.


After buying the sealant, I have two choices. One is to build by myself, the other is to find a seamstress. I found teaching videos online, which is not very difficult, but I think a novice will certainly waste a lot, considering comprehensively, I still chose a seamstress to construct.

After making a beautiful seam, I have to boast that Kastar sealant is really convenient to clean up, almost an hour, clean up, and there is almost no residue.

Now my home sewing finished nearly two years, the gap is no longer black and mildew, even the gap in the toilet is clean, usually clean with a gentle wipe cloth, really convenient. I spent all the time I saved with my family. Now the family has a very good atmosphere. I really feel that all the previous “mildew” luck has been wiped out.

So some of the money for decoration really cannot be saved. If I do the seam later, it will be more troublesome than at the beginning, and there are many inconveniences before I do it. So if you are decorating at home now, I suggest that you do the sea

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