What is epoxy tile grout?

  1. What is the new Kastar tile grout?

Many people think that Kastar tile grout is a caulking agent. Wrong! The epoxy tile grout is not a caulking agent. These are two different materials. Kastar tile grout is a new type of material that appears after the epoxy tile grout, which is in powder form and can be used after mixing with water. Kastar tile grouting is a finished product that does not require secondary processing.


  1. The classification of epoxy tile grout

one-component epoxy tile grout and two-component epoxy tile grout.

Single-component epoxy tile grout, similar to glass glue after construction, has the advantages of rich color and smooth surface. The lack of shrinkage and collapse will occur after curing, and can only be filled and not filled. The adhesion is poor, the texture is slightly soft, and it is not resistant to wear. The areas where the water and the kitchen are often exposed to water cannot be used.

Two-component tile grout, which is an upgraded product of one-component tile grout. The advantage is that it can be filled without pre-filling, forming once, and the hardness and color are improved, and the degree of collapse is relatively small. The disadvantage is that the operation is more complicated, and the technical means are higher. In particular, the non-smooth brick and matt brick tile gaps need to be affixed with textured paper on both sides, which increases the construction workload.

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