Why is epoxy tile grout so popular in the high-end villa area?

In the decoration process, tile appears everywhere. Whether a star hotel or private clubs and villa, tiles are very important originals.

But no matter how to upgrade the tiling process, dirty gaps will reduce the decorative effect. The gaps are very easy to breed bacteria, affecting the health of our family.

People often suffer decoration pollution, healthy decoration is getting more popular. The new type of healthy building materials – tube packing epoxy tile grout is more and more popular. So, what’re the advantages of epoxy tile grout?

Reason 1: Easy to clean, we can sweep the dirty black stains away.

The interior of the villa is large, and the ventilation of individual locations is poor. For example, in the cloakroom, storage room, etc., it is easy to cause moisture and mildew. The traditional caulking agent can only be effective for a short period of time. After a long time, the tiles will still have problems such as empty drums, curled edges, and cracks. The use of epoxy tile grout decoration can completely end this phenomenon.

The epoxy tile grout will form a surface clean and smooth like porcelain. This clean surface is waterproof, moisture-proof and easy to clean. It also has toughness, not only to prevent the dirty black of the tile gap from bringing health to the family. The threat can also protect the tiles.

It not only completely solves the dirty blackness of tile gaps, but also enhances the effect of the tile finish. It is a product that beautifies the details of the decoration. The buyer once said that “the epoxy tile grout meets all the beautiful imaginations of our caulking products.”

Reason 2: Personality Decoration, to provide pleasant and comfortable visual enjoyment.


Compared with the caulking agent to create the same decoration, the epoxy tile grout has a richer color. It pays more attention to individual design. The colors of the caulking agents are very monotonous, easy to dirty black. The epoxy tile grout looks very beautiful and attractive, and high-cleanness double presentation. It is more suitable for the owner of the vill to pursue the concept of personalized home improvement, showing a different taste of elegance.

Reason 3: Green and friendly, creating a healthy home will make you worry-free.

tile grout in villa 3

Kastar epoxy tile grout is made from natural resin, high-grade pigments, and special additives. The three make the epoxy tile grout green eco-friendly. It contains no harmful substances such as benzene, toluene, and xylene.

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