Why should we use the ceramic tile grout? Let’s dig in.

House decoration is a piece of knowledge. Using “traditional tile grout” or “ceramic tile grout” is different, when we stick to ceramic tiles. Do not use it the wrong way.

A lot of people are curious about why we must keep the gap between ceramic tiles. Because Even with high density, the ceramic tiles will still expand with heat and contract with cold. Over a long period of time, it may cause a large area of hollows and bumps if there is no gap between the tiles.


In early housing decoration, ceramic tile gaps were generally filled with traditional grout such as lime mud and mortar. They are cheap and easy to get. But the shortcomings are also obvious. Ash, dirt, and moisture will penetrate into the cement layer easily. And the stain will collect and bacteria will grow if we use the traditional tile grout. Compared with the traditional grout, ceramic tile sealer has gloss perfect finish. Most importantly, it is eco-friendly and good for health.


The most popular ceramic tile grout on the market is the two-component ceramic tile grout. It is mainly made up of two components, epoxy resin, and hardeners. The surface will be as clean as the ceramic tiles. Because the ceramic tiles sealer is used between the tiles. The ceramic tile sealer will be smooth like ceramic tiles after solidification. It has high strength, easy to wear and clean, and integrated with the tile etc features. Also, the tile grout is convenient to operate. You can completely do it by yourself if you have the strong hands-on ability. Only a few steps can make your home beautiful.


Although the price of the ceramic tile grout is a little expensive than the traditional. But its effect is better, not only durable, and very practical.


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