Apply Grout To The Corner Like A Pro

Construction skills of epoxy tile grout in the corner

As we know that it is not easy to apply the grout to the corner, let’s find out what should we notice!

How to grout

  1. For the new tiles, we should apply the epoxy tile grout into the gaps of the corners. Then remove and clean the excess grout. The gap must be clean and flat.  (tile joint width is at least 1mm, depth at least 1-2mm, antique tiles width 3mm, depth 1-2m)
  2. For old tiles, use a utility knife to remove the grout at least 1mm wide, 1-2mm deep, antique tiles 3mm wide, and 1-2mm deep. The treatment of gaps filing is related to the final decoration effect.
  3. Squeeze the grout between the corner tiles, use a tool to wipe out a moderate arc of wall gap, and then wipe it with a sponge. The sponge must not be too wet. You must master your strength and strive to make the thickness of the lines consistent. Then the effect would be three-dimensional.
  4. For the wall tiles, generally, adopt the principle of construction orders. Top first and then down, horizontal first and then vertical.

In fact, Kastar tile grout is very simple to use, and the cleaning effect is very good. It is definitely your best helper for home cleaning.

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