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KASTAR Ceramic Tile Sealer

KASTAR Grout Brands Recruit Exclusive Distributor All Over The World
Make your business easier, help you get rid of the price war

Find some companies don’t have successful business models and practical plans to help you do epoxy tile grout business, so your business is not doing well!

Have you experienced losing existing customers because of no advantage than others?

Do you find some suppliers only know production but don’t understand marketing?

KASTAR company focus on eco-friendly tile grout and cleaner R & D manufacturing for over 17 years 
We are always innovation, development and exceed ourselves.

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KASTAR Epoxy Grout Operation

You don’t have to rely on professional workers to do filling & sealing gap jobs, you also can DIY by KASTAR ceramic tile sealer!
The tile grout cleaner is not needed as the operation is very easy and clean.

kastar brand grout easy operation
kastar brand grout easy operation

Kastar Ceramic Epoxy Grout is a fixed mixing ratio grout, the special nozzle ensure totally mixed of the epoxy resin and hardener, easy to handle, everyone can do it even by female without no technical, it does not need to cost money for finding workers, save much money, you can DIY for your house,also the effect will last for over 30 years.

Traditional Cement Grout Operation

tile grout sealer

Traditional white cement grout, need to be mixed before using and need professional worker to do it, usually people easy to have some problems with the mixing ratio, we need to cost much money to have work to do it for us, and it will become dirty , yellowing and mold once meets with water, need to redo it several months later, cost money,and time-consuming, most important, the bacteria breeding is bad for health.

Why choose KASTAR Epoxy Grout

You are the ONLY one after being distributor in your area

No protection or many distributors in same area

Kastar brands priority

Always have priority regional exclusive of Kastar products

Just 1 goods distributing business

Various advertising channel guarantee brand, quick to develop market

OEM products & brand isn’t resounding

Stability of prices with high quality makes you away from the price war

Different price in the same market, always price war

Take your market as Model, help you win customers and market share.

Only focus on their own sales

  • KASTAR ceramic tile sealer

    KASTAR Tile Grout, 30-Year Mildew Proof Guarantee!

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