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Epoxy tile grout is now an essential part of home decoration and renovations, but we find that it comes with some problems on grout tiles operation. According to the requirements of the users, I have gathered the common problems in the application of grout tiles, follow me!

1. Q: How wide is the antique tile gaps to be more beautiful?

It would be nice to leave 3-5mm width gaps. 5mm width gaps will make the gaps looking more clearly.

2. Q: Does the gap of seamless tile still need to be filled? If yes, how wide should it be?

Seamless tiles also must be filled, and the gaps could be 1.0mm width and 0.5 mm depth.

3. Q: Is the epoxy tile grout a kind of cement grout or caulking agent?

No, it is an upgraded product of caulking agent, which is used to solve the problem of black gaps of ceramic tile that can not be solved by a caulking agent. It is made of imported epoxy resin, high-grade pigment and curing agent. After the curing agent solidifies, it can form a porcelain surface, which is waterproof and oil-proof like the tile. It can be scrubbed together with the tile, which completely solves the problem of black seam of the tile.

4. Q:  Can we grout tiles over the existing tile grout?

For better effect, usually we suggest you remove the old tile grout first,
Then clean the gaps, so that there is enough space for using Kastar epoxy grout.

5. Q: My house has been in residence for a few years, can I still use it?

Yes you can. You just need to clear the gaps by awl and remove it by vacuum cleaner, then squeeze the epoxy tile grout into the gaps. Because of its perfect decorative effect and environmental protection effect, you can use it for all the gaps in your house, It can also be done selectively in someplace, such as wet kitchens and bathrooms.

6. Q: How should I match the color of the epoxy tile grout?

Epoxy tile grout colors meet all the need of tile color matching. For the requirement of the overall sense, the tile gaps should be narrow, and choose the same color system of the epoxy tile grout, the overall feeling is very strong after using Kastar epoxy grout; For the requirement of the 3D sense, the tile gaps should be wide, and choose grout with contrasting colors, the effect will be very nice after grouting.

Usually color matching follows the following two rules
(a)Proximity: means that the choice is similar to the color of the tile you want to attach;
(b)Difference: Choose a color that is very sharply contrasting with the tile color you want to attach.

If you want to learn more about color schemes, read another article How Do You Pick Grout Color For Tile?

7. Q: Can the excess grout be removed?

Yes it can. The epoxy tile grout comes with high bonding strength and fast curing, the excess grout can be removed 24 hours after application. So can use a scraper to remove the excess grout easily without damaging the surface of ceramic tiles.

8. Q: Epoxy tile grout and cement tile grout, which one I should choose?

Of cause new epoxy tile grout! It is new product which can replace the cement grout totally.

(a) It is different from white cement, color filler (dry powder cement materials and low-grade pigments) mainly composed of inorganic materials, it is a high-tech content of new polymer materials and high-grade pigments and special additives.
(b) It has luster, rich colors natural delicate, such as gold, silver, pearly color, and so on, and white, black color is significantly higher than white cement, color fillers, to the wall to bring better overall effect, so the decoration is much stronger than white cement, color fillers.

9. Q: What should I do when pressing the grout, by scraper or by press ball?

If we press it by scraper, the epoxy tile grout and tiles are in a flat, daily life of the scratch can not be avoided, the accumulation of time is easy to cause a decline in gloss. Using the press ball will leave a tiny groove in the gap to prevent daily scratch.

10. Q: What should I choose the epoxy tile grout with high quality?

The top quality epoxy tile grout should have the specifications as below:

a.  shrinkage
b. odor and toxic
c.  viscosity effect
d. glossy effect
e. solidification

If you want to learn more about choosing grout, read another article 5 Steps To Ensure The Quality Of Grout

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